$461m for deep water energy

#OTEC From Shawn Cumberbatch at Nation News:August 6th, 2014."Japanese experts believe Barbados stands to earn between $24.6 million and $365 million annually if it uses an ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) system to generate electricity, make “fresh” water and increase fish production." … Continue reading

Project Ghana

#waveenergy  News from Seabased: August 25th, 2014. "On Friday evening the first contract was signed regarding a large wave energy plant in Ghana. The scope of work is a first smaller plant that will be part of agreements giving a total plant … Continue reading

The growth of MHK hydropower

#oceanenergy  From David Appleyard  at Hydroworld: August 25th, 2014. "According to new analysis, the evolution of marine hydro kinetic technologies for generating electricity from waves and tides into a commercial reality is taking longer than hoped and costing far more money than expected. … Continue reading


#tidalenergy  Press release from Atlantis Resources:August 26th, 2014."tlantis, owner of the world’s largest planned tidal stream energy project, MeyGen, has been awarded a £7.5 million two year contract with the UK’s Energy Technologies Institute (“ETI”) to deliver a multi-turbine foundation … Continue reading

Carnegie Wave Energy

#waveenergy  Update from Carnegie Wave Energy: August 25th, 2014. "Carnegie hosts former Japanese Prime Minister-Former Japanese PM inspects Carnegie’s Fremantle research facility-Mr Kan led Japan through the Fukushima disaster-Discussions on potential of Carnegie’s CETO wave technology for Japan" Home; About CWE. Who … Continue reading