Memorandum of Understanding entre l’OEAJ et France Energies Marines – France Energies Marines

#oceanenergy  From France Energies Marines: September 5th, 2014. "L'association japonaise des énergies océaniques, OEAJ, et France Energies Marines ont signé un Memorandum of Understanding le 31 juillet 2014 à l'ambassade de France à Tokyo." L’association japonaise des énergies océaniques, OEAJ, et France … Continue reading

Getting to the nitty gritty of tidal engineering: are 2MW-plus system packages the industry sweet spot? | Tidal Today

#tidalenergy  From Ritesh Gupta at Tidal Today: September 8th, 2014. "Many types of tidal turbine are under development with individual efficiencies varying from less than 30% to significantly better than 40%. Consultancy Fraenkel-Wright offers some insights into the real issues associated with engineering … Continue reading

James Fisher and Sons plc :: James Fisher Marine Services Ltd (JFMS) selected as supply chain partner to commence marine installation of the world’s largest commercial tidal energy array

#tidalenergy Press release rom James Fisher and Sons plc.:September 8th, 2014. "JFMS selected by MeyGen Limited (MeyGen) to complete the offshore marine installation elements of the initial stage of the project (Phase 1A) that includes the installation of 4 X 1.5 megawatt … Continue reading